Why do you think there are a great number of people, young or old, who are interested in music? Why there exists music education? Why do you think there are people who enter prestigious music schools such as Manhattan School of Music and Juilliard School? Read these several benefits and you will find out how important music education is and how it can lead you to fame and success.

Studying music at an early age enhances skills that children make use in other areas. The activities such as listening, singing, and moving lead to more formal kind of learning.

Making music is not only about the voice or fingers playing a musical instrument. When you create music, multiple skills are set simultaneously.

Music education helps you to succeed in the society. It broadens students’ understanding of the world around them.

Music education helps you to become a better student because of skills that are learned through music discipline.

Music education enhances your abilities and intelligence.

Music can lead you to have a successful life.

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Lucky music students at PS 58 were thrilled when virtuoso David Garrett stopped by to meet — and even perform — with them. Music education. Violinist David Garrett shares love of music with PS 58. By Laura Varoscak-DeInnocentiis The school’s Extended Day String Orchestra welcomed Garrett — a Juilliard-trained musician who is widely known for combining classical and rock genres, and who started playing the violin when he was 4 and had performed professionally by 

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Conversely, If you’re being spoon-fed this same information, whether in music school or private tutoring, you don’t feel ownership of the discovery and your musicality will become an impersonation. This is why we end up seeing a throng of ….. I think of Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory, Curtis Institute, Eastman, Juilliard, Cleveland Institute, Peabody Institute, Indiana, Northwestern,Ithaca. You get the idea. I’m just wondering what others consider 

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